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Skirt Sew-Alongs: All Linked Up!

To be filed under Better Late than Never: It’s just occurred to me that it would be helpful to gather the links to all the skirt sew-along posts in 1 convenient place. (Actually, what would have been helpful is if I’d done this in the first place!)

In case you’re just joining the party now, I for some reason decided to host 2 simultaneous sew-alongs, both skirts: the Wrap Skirt and the Asymmetrical Skirt.

Skirt Sew-Along patterns
The patterns for my first 2 sew-alongs: The Wrap Skirt (left), and the Asymmetrical Skirt!

Here’s a round-up of all the Wrap Skirt posts, in order:

Post 1: Includes pattern information, suggestions for choosing fabrics, and a brief chat about making this skirt reversible (or not, as the case may turn out to be).

Post 2: Preparing the pleats (if you’re making View A, which I am), sewing the side seams, and creating a narrow hem.

Post 3: Starting the waistband/tie end construction, including tips on getting nice sharp points on the tie end after turning it right-side out, ease-stitching the skirt waist, and a clarification of 1 of the waistband assembly steps in the pattern instructions.

Post 4: This will cover finishing the waistband by adding the facing pieces, and details on how to hand-stitch the facing down on the inside.

Post 5: Making the buttonholes, and sewing on the buttons.

Bonus: I’ll be doing a post on creating a complete color palette starting with the 2 colors of my wrap skirt, making it easier to create outfits! Coming soon— I’ll add the link as soon as this post is up next week.


Now here’s a round-up of all the Asymmetrical Skirt posts, in order:

Post 1: Includes pattern information, suggestions for choosing fabrics (including possible combinations of different fabrics, since this is a 2-layer skirt), things to know before cutting out the pieces, and possible options for the elastic-waist treatment.

Post 2: Covers sewing the side seams and the hems; also includes special techniques for sheer fabrics: how to sew French seams, and the best narrow hem for sheers.

Post 3: Finishing the skirt (according to pattern), including basting the 2 skirt layers together, constructing the 2-piece waistband and creating an opening for elastic, sewing the waistband to the skirt, and inserting the elastic.

Post 4: This is Part 1 of 2 bonus-round posts about alternative elastic-waist treatements; includes tips on how to choose the right elastic for your project, how to calculate the quantity you need, and how to test the percentage of stretch in your elastic.

Post 5: Part 2 of the bonus-round posts, covering the sewing of the applied elastic waistband.


There— all tidied up and ready to go! I hope this will be a useful reference for you as you continue (or start) either (or both) of these lovely skirt projects!


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