About SewCM

Okay. I know I’m going a little blog-happy. But here’s the thing: my blogs tend to be pretty specific (as in myBratelier, with a focus on  sewing lingerie), but now I want a place to bring more general sewing; SewColormusing is going to be primarily about garment-making, but I may occasionally touch on home decor, gifts to sew, things like that.

What spurred me on to start this blog (yesterday!) was teaching a sewing workshop last weekend; when participants raised the plaintive cry, “But what do we do when we leave?”, I promised to follow up on their various projects online— here, in fact. (I don’t ever want you to feel that you’re on your own!)

For those of you unfamiliar with Colormusing, it’s my company that starts with the development of color palettes, then branches out into applying these palettes in many different ways; visit my website to see what I mean. SewColormusing is definitely about sewing, but I will incorporate my own color-focused viewpoint, whether that’s in my suggestions for fabric combinations or planning a mini travel wardrobe.

And for those of you who are also into Argentine tango (but, like me, tired of everything only coming in red and black), I will have a lot going on for you here too— including ideas for tango travel/festival wardrobes, style options for those of us who prefer to wear bras, and sewing techniques particularly helpful in making dancewear.

Again, general sewing is what you’ll find here, including sew-alongs, techniques, fabric and material information, possibly the occasional book review, and definitely lots of my tips, ideas, and (hopefully) inspiration based on my many years of sewing experience.

Welcome! Now let’s get sewing!


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